Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama yoga with Zohra incorporates breathing and movement practices (Pranayama and Kundalini) that help “lift the veil that covers our luminosity”. These practices bring a positive affect to our nervous system, and helps us release old mental habits and stories. Ongoing practice brings clarity, focus, and inner peace.

Hatha Flow | Lvl 1-2

This Monday night class uniquely combines a classic Hatha Style while also focusing on the connection between breath and movement. Designed to improve strength, balance and overall well being, this class will leave you feeling calmer, stronger and ready to take on the week ahead. Yoga props and modifications are offered making this class suitable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga

A gentle and fun yoga practice, using modified yoga postures with lots of props (chairs, blocks, blankets, straps and walls). We’ll explore deep breathing techniques and movement to open, stretch and strengthen the body, and calm the mind. All levels of mobility are welcome.


This is an all levels, classical Pilates mat class that quickly fires up your core, challenges your balance, improves your flexibility and gives you a better sense of body awareness, all packed into a fun 40 minute noon class. Class can include standing balance work, classical sequence of mat exercises, use of props to help teach the movement or add that extra bit of challenge. One of the many wonderful things about Pilates is there a modification for all the moves so all levels welcome but do be prepared for a fun challenging class.

Sunday Flow Down

As we start to make the transition from weekend to weekdays, ground yourself with this mind mellowing, body opening, soul satisfying, rhythmic flow.
Accompanied by the beats of your yoga soundtrack and Chantal’s laughter filled guidance, this flow will take you deeper into yourself. The movement eventually fades into stillness for some yin-inspired deep stretches before melting into Savasana. Your soul, body and mind will thank you.
All yogis looking for a moving, flowing practice are welcome.

Sunday Restorative Yoga

In preparation for the week ahead, enjoy rejuvinating and restorative hatha yoga for all ages and abilities. Focused on your body’s alignment and the practice that is best for you, this class will center your energy and breath. With a holistic approach to yoga, we will work on strength and balance while sinking into deep mind-body connectivity. The end of class will provide heightened relaxation through brief meditation and Savasana, to provide you with the tools for a mindful week ahead.

Therapeutic Yoga

There is a bio-mechanically sound way to move our bodies. This way of movement is easy, steady, smooth, strong, elegant, powerful and the body prefers to move this way! This Therapeutic Yoga Class is one that you can come even when you have pain, or because you feel less than steady, easy, and smooth. We will do exercises to improve breathing patterns, encourage balance, increase stability and strength, and improve flexibility.

Rock the Flow

Get lost in the flow of your body, your breath and rockin’ beats. Mikki’s creative blend of energizing music, feel good flows and musings on life are guaranteed to deepen your practice, open your body and mind, make you sweat and leave you with a blissed out smile on your face and in your soul. All yogis looking for a strong, uptempo practice are welcome.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower moving practice where poses are held for a length of time (typically 2-5 minutes). Poses are generally practiced in a passive way, relaxing into postures combining body weight with gravity to assist in the opening process. Yin Yoga primarily targets connective tissue, making it a perfect complement to active or dynamic styles of Yoga

Healthy Back

Taught by Dr. Blake Testa. The Healthy Back  class provides basic body anatomy and
total body awareness through functional exercise. By integrating yoga and chiropractic rehab techniques to avoid and manage pain, this class is perfect for anyone who wants a healthier back and control of their body. You will be provided with all the tools you need to strengthen key muscle groups and discover what works for you and your body’s needs.

Beginning Yoga

Basic concepts and practices to introduce you to yoga. With all the many ways to improve our lives, which ones will work best for each of us?

In Beginning Yoga, we examine the benefits others have drawn from yoga and how to empower your life with the practice. Keeping a consistent practice  can be difficult. In this class we discuss what is required to adjust the quality of mindset, lifestyle, and community to maintain and enhance your life. In each class we practice observation/meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), posture safety and execution (asana), and finish with deep relaxation (savasana).

Gentle Restorative Yoga

Adaptive yoga focuses on therapy for special needs: This class is designed to help with impairments from issues like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, or MS.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga can help to develop a deep internal awareness of you and your baby while increasing your energy, vitality, and comfort. We will begin with a short meditation practice to help improve your concentration and focus, along with breathing exercises to deepen relaxation, relieve stress, and improve circulation. Our class is an opportunity for you to release tightness, tension, and other discomforts associated with your pregnancy, while strengthening the muscles and the mind in a safe environment surrounded by women who are experiencing similar changes in their bodies.

ISHTA Flow & Restore

ISHTA is a yoga practice that is for the individual, bringing a focus inward, working towards balancing body and mind, to give ones self what is needed in that moment. Yoga gives student the ability to develop flexibility and strength while properly aligning the skeletal structure of the body. Sarah teaches to students of all levels. During the classes she will lead you though a combination of holding and working on alignment in different asanas (poses) as well as breath and movement through a series of asanas. She also includes different pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

$5 Friday's Yoga

Unwind from your week with our community of yogis with a variety of yoga practices. All types of students are invited and no class will be the same. Many types of yoga will be taught so students can explore all our studio has to offer.