Yoga Therapy and Private Sessions

with Dr. Zohra 200 E-RYT

Yoga Therapy sessions with Dr. Zohra:

Yoga Therapy with Dr. Zohra Campbell, D.C. provides skilled therapeutic application of the ancient practices and philosophy of yoga and chiropractic science to promote healing and restore health at all levels of the individual. It is ideal for those who are living with or recovering from pain, who are dealing with specific health challenges or injuries, or who are looking for tools for navigating life’s challenges. It can be practiced alone or used as a complement to conventional treatment for chronic and acute physical and/or mental conditions including anxiety, injuries, addiction issues.

Therapeutic Yoga offers an individualized approach that comprises a wide range of mind and body practices, from postural assessment, customized asana and pranayama (breathing practice) prescriptions, to deep relaxation and meditation techniques.

To assure safety and efficacy, Dr. Zohra individually assess and develops a custom, specialized yoga therapy program for each client’s specific needs and goals.

Hands on body work including manipulation, deep tissue release, functional rehabilitation are all part of the skills

Dr. Zohra offers and can be added to your session.



$75 | 60 minute session
$65 | each for a series of 3
$55 | each for a series of 5

Personal yoga sessions:

Please note, not all of our teachers do private sessions. Contact us here for more details

The one-to- one teacher student relationship that is the heart of personal instruction in yoga supports beginning and experienced yoga practitioners in taking your practice to a whole new level of understanding. These sessions allow the space for deepening your practice, working on trouble areas, your unique needs and interests, and your personal goals.

Your session may include: a customized yoga practice, a deeper guide into yoga postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation, and support and feedback for your practice. Personal instruction is particularly helpful for people who:

o Need a foundation in yoga fundamentals before attending a public class.

o Want to establish or refine a home practice.

o Want to deepen their understanding of applying yoga practices into their lives.



$65 | for one 60 minute session
$55 | each for a series of 3
$50 | each for a series of 5

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Yoga Therapy is useful for:

o Back care

o Joint pain, including arthritis

o Scoliosis

o Stress related issues

o Musculoskeletal conditions

o Depression and anxiety

o High blood pressure


o Sleep Issues

o Fibromyalgia

o Poor Posture