Indigo Yoga Workshops & Events

The Art of Mindfulness | Series

with Linda Soleil

(Meet on Mondays) May 1st – June 5th | 7:15-8:45pm

The Art of Mindfulness is a 6-week series, running from May 1 – June 5. This is a series where you will learn and practice mindfulness techniques to help you stay in the moment. It is through awareness of the present moment, living in the now, that you can free your mind from the thoughts of the past and worries of the future.
The benefits of mindfulness are vast.

Learn to develop the skills of:

• Stability of the mind
• Improved relationships
• Non-reactivity
• Replace stress with calm
• Improved Sleep

Building a Home Practice – 2 Part Series

developement and growth with Sarah Newman 500-RYT

May 6th & 13th | 11-12:30pm

$20 for one day – OR – $30 for both days

Traditionally, Yoga was handed down from teacher to an individual student. The purpose of this was for the teacher to initiate the student into his or her sadhana, or daily practice. Just like our daily coffee, tea, brushing your teeth etc., we need daily regimens that balance the physical body so we can clear our minds. This workshop provides tools to for you to develop and maintain your own home yoga practice. Some of the concepts we will cover would be.

  • Creating the habit.
  • How to crate and environment that allows you to flow with your own intuition
  • How to develop a yoga sequence that best fits your strength and flexibility.
  • How to create a foundation for daily meditation
In the second half of this workshop we will dive deeper into ways to keep you motivated in your practice. While routine is key we don’t want to just go into auto pilot every day during our practice. We will learn ways to cope with the days where a typical routine is just not possible. As we grow so does our practice. The use of tools and guides, such as the eight limbs of yoga, and Aurveda, the sister science of yoga, can help keep us engaged and growing in our own self study. So that when we leave our mats we take the practice with us through out the rest of the day.
  • Different types of Yoga
  • How to use your yoga to Balance and ground
  • Using the Eight Limbs of yoga.

Sarah is a teacher of ISHTA Yoga (Integrated science, of Hatha, Tanra and Ayurveda). Her 12+ years as a dancer has cultivated a strong anatomical perception that she uses throughout her classes. This can prevent students from developing injuries, or work with any current injuries they may have. ISHTA is a yoga practice that is for the individual, bringing a focus inward, working towards balancing body and mind, to give ones self what is needed in that moment. Yoga gives student the ability to develop flexibility and strength while properly aligning the skeletal structure of the body. Sarah teaches to students of all levels. During Sarah’s classes she will lead you though a combination of holding and working on alignment in different asanas (poses) linked together in a fun flowing sequence.

Beyond Love – CD Release Tour Live Concert

Johanna Beekman & Joss Jaffe


Saturday, May 6th | 6:00 – 8:00pm
$30 pre-register | $35 at the door
Joss’ earliest memories include mantra chanting, listening to 60’s-70’s era vinyl records, and experiencing the sounds of the world through travel. By age 9 he could play guitar and began writing and producing his own songs. Drawn in by the music of India, at 16 he studied tabla, sarode, and vocal music from Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. His studies with them
continued for the next 10 years.Today, Joss continues to share his gifts with the world through his albums and live performances. He has toured throughout multiple continents, bringing his music to an international audience. Joss’ work as a producer and composer has been critically acclaimed by LA Yoga Magazine, the UK’s Om Magazine, and other prominent publications.

Johanna Beekman is a multi-genre recording artist, sacred songstress and kirtan artist who is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her evocative, inspiring songs and devotional chants that tap deep into the collective soul. She is equally comfortable performing sacred kirtan music for yoga festivals and classes, rhythmic world-beat grooves for dancers, and soulful ballads for concert audiences. Johanna’s music is central to movement-meditation-based RhythmAsana workshops and her own unique Lullaby Yoga classes.

Restorative Journey

With michael Steinke and Diane Davidson

May 13th and 14th (two separate classes)


Join Diane and michael in a guided restorative yoga practice. The journey through prop supported postures will be accompanied by a unique sound scape blending recorded tracks and live instruments. In addition to the guided practice soothing therapeutic touch, aroma therapy, heat packs and weighted sand bags will be offered to assist in further relaxation and inward exploration. Some of the live instruments will include didgeridoo, singing bowls, drum, native flute and a large mother tesla gong.

Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Diane Davidson, has a vast understanding of the body. She is experienced in helping others find healing with hands on adjustment and verbal queues. With her experience as a Massage Therapist Diane is able to help individuals find optimal posture for comfort and therapeutic benefit. Focusing on breath Diane assists others in finding their path to health and inner connection. She combines her knowledge of body work and understanding of physical posturing to bring individuals closer to their Self. With alignment of body and Self, healing is found and positive results take root.

Asana Instructor and Sound Therapist, michael Steinke, blends natural flow, anatomical alignment and energetics into his Yoga teaching, creating a mind-body-soul experience. Through sound therapy michael facilitates relaxation and inward journey using ancient instruments such as drums, singing bowls, Native American flute, and didgeridoo. In addition to a variety of Yoga styles michael has studied the practice of Thai Yoga Massage.

Balancing the Chakras Through Asana and Meditation

With Sarah Newman 500-RYT

Saturday, May 3rd | 11-1:30pm


Prana is the life force energy that feeds each Chakra. The Chakras house different elements within our body. Join me as we discuss the different elements within our physical structure and how that relates to the Chakras. Learn how the chakras govern our chemistry, physical body, emotions, and electromagnetic energy in our system.

We will use our knowledge of the chakras to move through our asana practice. When we gain a deeper perspective of our physcial body and how it relates to the subtle bodies, we can learn how to create a stable environment for ourselves. In return this gives us the tools to ride the wave of life, in a way that creates ease within the effort. We will use this practice to explore the tools you need to find stability and confidence on and off your mat.

Balancing the chakras does not only aid a weak or blocked chakra; all the chakras benefit from the release of the energy and awareness locked in all the other chakra’s. During this meditation we will use different Mantra’s (sounds) and Yantra’s (visualizations) to help release these energies, aiding us through life obstacles. The chakra meditation forms a deer connection to each energy center, opening and then balancing it to achieve a state of optimum equilibrium.

*This is an all levels Meditation, no previous experience is necessary.

Breathe in Peace | East Forest Yoga + Music Event with Mikki Trowbridge

Friday, May 19th | 6:30-8:30pm


A yoga and music collaboration with East Forest.

Yoga Flow by Mikki Trowbridge

Live Music by East Forest

East Forest returns to Indigo and Salem for an evening of connection and community. Through breath, yoga asana, intention, sound and music, Mikki Trowbridge and East Forest will weave together a journey of and into peace. Breath by breath. Beat by beat. All levels of yogis are invited to join us for this experience.

$35 per yogi in advance / $40 at the door


About East Forest:

His latest project, Held (1631 Recordings) is a stunning stripped-back piano record that leaves the listener feeling connected and embraced. “We’re living in a time when a lot of things are falling apart…my music is intentionally made to get us out of that separateness that’s so painful.”

With six studio albums and five EP’s, East Forest has quietly been creating a gorgeous catalog of music, building bridges between nature world and the digital realm. His “blissful” (NPR) sound invites listeners to “go on a journey of self discovery” (Earmilk) and his live performances have moved hearts and minds around the world. His recent collaboration with MC YOGI, Ritual Mystical, went #1 iTunes Electronic, #8 Billboard Dance and #2 Billboard New Age.

Twitter: @eastforestmusic / Instagram: @eastforest / Facebook: EastForestMusic

Indigo Yoga Teacher Training | 2017

with Dr. Zohra Campbell

The Indigo Yoga Teacher training is an alignment and anatomy based 200 hour hatha yoga training taught by a chiropractor-yogi and senior yoga teachers. Our guiding principle at Indigo is that yoga offers ‘every-body’ tools for well-being and for navigating life.