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Half-Day Meditation Retreat: Restore Your Body Through Healing Connection - Indigo Yoga in Salem Oregon

Half-Day Meditation | 2/7Hello!

So much of the work we do here at Indigo is about helping you come into alignment with your body through physical and mental wellness practices, so we’re excited to announce the addition of the Love Your Body Half-Day Meditation Retreat on Saturday, February 7 from 11:30-3:30. This retreat was conceived by Soul Docent, Jessica Amos, after hearing so many of her students talk about how her meditations have helped them learn to appreciate and honor their bodies. The way we view and treat our bodies is so important and Jessica has a wonderfully restorative day planned for you, where you will walk away feeling more peaceful, grounded, and connected to your body in a positive way. We’d be delighted if you’d join us!

Love Your Body Half-Day Meditation Retreat | Saturday, February 7 | 11:30-3:30 | $125
Restore Your Body Through Healing Connection…

In celebration of the upcoming Valentines holiday we are offering a very special Love Your Body Half-Day Meditation Retreat. During this retreat you will lovingly turn your focus inward and gently begin to heal damaging thought patterns that keep you disconnected from yourself and your body. Through guided meditation and various mindfulness practices, you will connect with your body and deepest self in love, joy and acceptance. You will leave feeling more peaceful, grounded, and connected to yourself while also having created a new and more loving personal narrative you can continue to build from. You will be met with a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment where Soul Docent, Jessica Amos, will carry the day so you don’t have to.


:: A gorgeous Moleskin journal + elegant writing pen
:: Nourishing snacks and beverages to sustain and hydrate you
:: A beautiful book of the poems and passages to inspire your mediation practice
:: A 25 minute guided meditation to download and keep forever
:: A $15 discount on Jessica’s Meditation E-Course
:: Extra goodies for support and inspiration
:: Half a day of self-care and total relaxation
:: A loving and supportive environment where you will be cared for, fully and completely


:: A day full of total peace and relaxation
:: Time spent just for you
:: De-stress and let go of anxiety
:: Learn to listen to yourself and tap into your deep inner wisdom
:: Nurture your self-esteem
:: Know you can support yourself when life gets rough
:: Feel more love and connection with yourself and your body
:: You will like yourself more
:: Mind, body and soul will delight in time spent just on you
:: Be present in the moment and extend that mindfulness to the rest of your day


:: Beginner: If you’ve never meditated before, feel intimidated by the idea, or don’t know where to start, this course is for you. The best place to start is at the beginning so that’s where we’ll start. And remember what Shunryu Suzuki says, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” Love that!

:: Dabbler: If you’ve meditated before but haven’t been able to establish a consistent practice, this course will definitely help you carve out time to dig in and grow a sustainable, life-long practice where you will feel more connected to your deep wisdom and truest self.

:: Practiced: You have likely already built a strong meditation practice and will be familiar with many of the techniques I share in this course, but if you want to infuse your practice with new ideas, visualizations, and a soulful connection to yourself, this course will do just that.

We will also be doing a short walking meditation, please bring walking shoes.

To help you become better acquainted with Jessica and the Stay with Yourself philosophy we’ve included two short videos below for your enjoyment…

Love Your Body Retreat – Introduction Video

Kind Words About Our Retreats:

“My favorite guided meditation is the Body Gratitude meditation. It is a great reminder that our bodies do so much for us, especially since we put them through so much. When I have negative feelings about my body, this guided meditation helps me take pause and be grateful for my healthy body instead of wishing unrealistic changes upon myself. Jessica does an amazing job of guiding students through the process of slowing down and focusing on ourselves. She is able to show students what they are capable of through her guided meditation.” –Sam Lewis

“Jessica’s guided meditations have been very helpful to me during a difficult time in my life and have provided a wonderful sense of tranquility. I have a more positive attitude toward myself and a very nice sense of knowing there is a place I can go to get back in balance as needed. A big shift has been appreciation of the parts of my body that work rather than focusing on the painful places. I love having Jessica’s meditations in my ‘toolbox’ of wellness.” –Steve Rosen